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Dj Radio Paradise-Petrosani
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Adăugat 28-Mar-2013 Dj_Paradise

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Ooh, I had so much trouble with this. Like the comenmter above, I admire All Quiet - and Scarface - without actually wanting to hug them... ditto The Jazz Singer.My most loved films of all from the thirties are the Universal horrors and the Marx Brothers, but I couldn't join the Frankenstein (over Dracula) or Duck Soup (over the other four Paramounts) camps no matter how much I wanted to. I love Lubitsch, Hopkins and Francis, but Trouble In Paradise never quite conveys to me what it does to others; I'm always aware as I watch it that I'm not enjoying it as much as I should be.Fay Wray is my favourite star of all - your banner, sir, is a masterpiece - but King Kong is another admire-only: Wray is so gorgeous in it I could eat her with a spoon, but I find the film depressingly cruel in its attitudes.My wife would say Grand Hotel without any of this soul-searching... but I went for City Lights in the end, mainly for the last scene. The rest of the film is just the set-up for this transcendent moment which is, I think, my favourite in all cinema. So Charlie gets the gong.Course, I could have gone for 'other', but that would have meant many more hours of deliberation!

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